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January 9th-19th, 2015
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Affordable, adaptive, compassion-based Health Coaching for diet, exercise and emotional well being.
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Adaptive Listening Therapy (ALT)

Helping You Reach Your Life’s Potential.

Now integrating Internal Family Systems model!

ALT is focused on helping you reach your life’s potential through adaptive listening and reflective conversation. The power is in your hands and sessions are designed specifically to fit your needs. Some clients desire weekly video-to-video Skype calls, while others may just need a short phone session.

Together we figure out what your goals are and what is stalling you from reaching your goals. Whether it is creating a dietary plan, dropping drugs and alcohol from your life, or learning how to create healthy relationships, ALT, now with IFS, helps you discover yourself. Self-knowledge is a life long pursuit, let’s start it today!


HMB Philosophy:

Full Body Health

Full body health encompasses the physical, mental, and emotional self.

Self Knowledge

Self Knowledge is a life-long pursuit producing limitless positive growth.


You own yourself! Lead by example and change the world.

About HandyManBananas

HandyManBananas is a vegan, artist, writer and health advocate. “I believe in freedom for all through constructing a physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy self. You own yourself! Lead by example and change the world!”

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